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Migrating off cPanel to Webmin & Virtualmin on CentOS

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at 2015.12.30
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I migrated my domains of cPanel onto Webmin & Virtualmin on my CentOS hosting.

Here is how I did it!

I knew this would be a headache, but I had the excuse of migrating from a 32bit server to a faster 64bit server and I kept getting nagged about some outdated CentOS security updates so it kinda forced my hand.Originally, I was just going to switch it over to another newer cPanel install, but I just didn’t feel like cPanel was worth the 70/month so I wanted to try out some free alternatives. After about

Originally, I was just going to switch it over to another newer cPanel & CentOS install, but I was starting to feel like $70/month for server software was just too much and knew there were a bunch of free alternatives. After about 2 hours of scouring the internet reading the options on Webmin & Virtualmin, Zpanel, Vestacp, Kloxo & ISPconfig I decided on going with Webmin & Virtualmin. I was a bit confused because it was 2 separate products so let me try and clarify that. Virtualmin is software to administrate your server where as Webmin sits on top of Virtualmin as a module to give you more cPanel style control options.

I am installing this on a clean CentOS server running 6.5 on a 64bit host.

SSH into your machine at root:

cd /

Type ‘y” for yes when it prompts you

You should now have both virtualmin & webmin installed on your server.

Now open: https://youripordomain:10000/ to access your admin section

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